Photograph by Jonathan Goldsmith

Eve Coxeter - Visual Arts

I  qualified in Fine Arts, the Art Teachers Diploma (ATD/BA) at Saint Martin's School of Art, London.  I also gained a certificate in Italian Renaissance painting at The Courtauld Institute when it was housed in Portman Square.

My main love is for figurative oil painting on canvas in large composition, portrait, landscape, still life, and  imaginary themes, especially political ones.. 

Another great satisfaction is sculpture in clay, of which I have had a number of bronze casts made; both for family and on commission. 

 I use watercolour, also with goauche, and drawing as studies for oil painting in graphite, conte crayon, pen and ink and other media like etching, pastel and monoprint.  A small book has come out recently by Graham Murphy on the 'Sacred Legends of North Wales' for which I have produced the black-and-white illustrations:  ( Publisher Sigma Press).

In January 2012 I had an exhibition of paintings in oil, watercolour, and gouauche in The Gallery, Stanhope Street. Liverpool with Adrian Bailey.   I also showed large political paintings of New York 9/11, and the Gulf War.  I have work in both Britain, France and California.

I am also a keen photographer and had a solo exhibition of black-and-white portraits in the Hanover Gallery in Liverpool some time ago.

 My son Robert Goldsmith is a well-known potter, so I often decorate his bowls, lamp bases, vases and mugs for him in his pottery in Selborne, Hampshire.